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Life Sharing Program

Life Sharing services are direct and indirect, provider agency managed services that occur in one of the following locations: private home of a host family (relative, legal guardian or persons who are not related to the participant) or private home of the participant where a host family who is not related to the participant moves into the participant's home and shares the participant's home as their primary residence. Life Sharing services may be provided up to 24 hours a day based on the needs of the participant receiving services. The type and amount of assistance, support and guidance are informed by the assessed need for physical, psychological and emotional assistance established through the assessment and person-centered processes. 

Life Sharing services are other the primary resident of the participant and as such, it is his or her home. Respect for personal routines, rhythms, rights, independence, privacy and personalization are intrinsic to the service as is access to experiences and opportunities for personal growth. The Life Sharing Provider must provide the level of services necessary to enable the participant to meet habilitation outcomes. This includes ensuring assistance, support and guidance (prompting, instruction, modeling, reinforcement) will be provided as needed to enable the participate live an every day life.  

Requirements to Become a Provider:

  • a GED or High School Diploma

  • a physical examination, including mantoux test, for all members of the household

  • criminal records clearance for anyone over 18 residing in the home

  • valid PS drivers license and insurance as well as reliable transportation

  • homeowners/renters insurance

Want to find out more information?

If interested in learning more about the Life Sharing Program, please contact the Program Manager, Stacy Lilly, to pick up an application and to schedule a time for her to come to your home to explain the program in further detail. Stacy Lilly can be reached at (814) 724-7346 Ext. 212

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