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Executive Staff

Mark Weindorf – Executive Director

Erin Lindsay-Means – Human Resources Director

Valerie King – Compliance Officer

Kerri Boozer – Chief Financial Officer


Program Managers

Susan Helfrey – Home and Community Supports, FSS

Gladys Hurlbert – Home and Community Supports Scheduling

Jennifer Campbell – Residential Program Manager

JoAnn Lee – Life Sharing Program Manager

Kirk Morrison - Agency With Choice Program Manager


Program Specialists

Cathy Roberts – Home and Community Supports

Philip MacPherson – Home and Community Supports

Elizabeth Hornstein – Home and Community Supports, Oasis

Lindsey Scott – Home and Community Supports

Megan Kriner- Home and Community Supports, Dom Care

Stacy Lilly - Supported Employment

Sara Hutchison  - Residential

Alanna Fry - Residential

Arielle Kean – Life Sharing

Kacee Gaub - Life Sharing

Representative Payees

Tammy Price

Melanie Peirsel

Michelle Sutton

Administrative Staff

Connie Olmstead – Accounts Payable

Shirley Anthony – Billing

Suzanne Simmerman – Payroll

Breanne Buttray - Accounting Clerk

Carolyn Unger– Fiscal Technician

Donna Johnson – Training Coordinator

Amanda Peterson – Home and Community Supports Program Support

Marsha Stanford - Administrative Assistant/Fingerprint Technician

Carly Donahue - Employment & Benefits Coordinator

Lee Scandinaro - Community Coordinator

Casey Dickson - Quality Assurance Specialist

Haley Price - Medical Coordinator

Christine Norton - Internal Auditor

Kileigh Barnett - Receptionist