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Agency With Choice

The Agency With Choice (AWC) program model is based on the principles of choice and self-determination; individuals or their designated surrogates are given the opportunity to manage their own programs by choosing and scheduling their own Support Service Professionals (SSPs) through The Arc's payroll and billing system. 

The Arc assists participants with oversight of their programs, giving them the tools they need to properly manage and maintain staff. As the Employer of Record, The Arc hires qualified staff identified by the participants (including family members) and handles all of the required employment, including tax documents, billing and payroll processing. The Arc is responsible for ensuring all programs are in complaince with state and federal regulations. 

Services Offered Through AWC:

  • In Home and Community Supports

  • Companion

  • Respite

    • 15 minute ​

    • Daily

  • Supports Broker​

The Benefits:

Agency with Choice programming empowers individuals to actively take control of their services and identify/express their needs, allowing for greater program satisfaction and quality. Other benefits our participants experience include:

  • Control of all day-to-day activities within authorized programs

  • More flexibility in scheduling around individual needs

  • Opportunities to choose, hire and schedule trusted staff

  • Individualized assistance with building and enhancing services

  • Personalized supports broker services available, if needed, to help complete Managing Employer responsibilities

The Responsibilities:

  • Directing qualified staff to The Arc to be hired

  • Choosing pay rates for each staff providing services (within limits set by ODP)

  • Scheduling staff to provide services to as authorized in the ISP

  • Completing monthly progress notes for services provided

  • Ensuring staff received their annual training as well as any additional training necessary to perform their job duties

  • Verifying and approving employee Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) 

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