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Meadville Stories


Meadville was established as a frontier settlement by David Mead in 1788. His 1805 town map (pictured here) reflects his vision for town planning, which essentially laid a grid-iron city plan on top of the natural meanders of Mill Run. By 1910 the stream was largely channelized, built over and lost from view. 


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In 2004 Meadville’s Redevelopment Authority, with community input, identified Mill Run as a buried treasure.  Over the next twenty years, in alignment with City and County planning goals, Mill Run has provided a focus for community groups and the City to improve the health of our watershed, strengthen neighborhoods, and enhance community capacity along/adjacent to the Mill Run corridor.


The Arc Community Greenspace provides one such example; others include: 

  • Shadybrook Park restoration in 2011

  • Environmental Assessment of Mill Run in 2010

  • Market Square Rain Garden & Pocket Park in 2007

  • Market Alley daylighting in 2005

  • Bridge over Mill Run connecting the Meadville Medical Center to MMC’s Mill Run Complex on Liberty Street in 2004.

For a tour of Meadville's Public Art Trail visit:

For information on the infamous Rhododendrons and history of Meadville.

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