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Residential Programs


Community Homes

Community Homes provide the opportunity for many individuals that need extra care to live in a home environment with the support of 24-hour staff to assist in daily activities. Typically built for one to four individuals, Community Homes create an environment in which each individual can learn to increase their independence while socializing with peers and in the community. Community Homes integrate themselves seamlessly into their communities, providing a comfortable setting where each person can learn at their own pace.


Life Sharing Program

The Life Sharing Program matches individuals with an intellectual disability with a family or person in the community to live together. The Arc currently provides services to 20 individuals in 18 homes in Crawford, Venango and McKean Counties. Our program strives to match individuals with families/individuals who will provide them with opportunities for personal growth, community inclusion and the chance to live an Everyday Life.


Domiciliary Care

A partnership between Active Aging and The Arc, Domiciliary Care is a program in which individuals can choose to live with a family in a protected living arrangement in the community when they otherwise could not live independently due to social and economic situations. Individuals in the Domiciliary Care program do not require institutional or nursing care but may have difficulty with everyday living because of their age or due to a physical, visual, or mental impairment. They also must meet financial guidelines to be eligible for the program. While many individuals in Domiciliary Care do have intellectual disabilities, it is not a requirement of the program.

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